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Easy Handy Washing Machine

Easy Handy Washing Machine
Easy Handy Washing Machine
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Product Code : 07
Product Description

Easy handy washing

  • Take a bucket
  • Add a good detergent powder in the water
  • Place the easy handy washing inside the bucket and lock the clamp
  • fit it with water upto minimum water level mark of the easy hady washing
  • Switch on the easy handy washing & keeping adding clothes one by one to utillise
  • the full load capacity up to 2.5 kg .
  • Don't overload bucket with clothes that the easy handy washing runs smoothy.

Important Precautions

  • Operate the easy handy washing only from a power point which must be earthed at all time while in use.
  • Overload AC Outlets and extention cords are dangerous. So are beroken plugs .use three plug pin
  • Always unplug easy handy washing before cleaning the outer surface .
  • Always switch off the machine before taking out the clothes from the bucket
  • do not overload the bucket with clothes.
  • Do not put your hands whiles washing the clothes
  • always keep easy handy washing out of the reach of chlidren.

Technical Specifications


230 volts 50 Hz


350 watts

Time Rating

30 Minutes


Approx 2.1 Kg (Basic unit)


2.5 kg


(L x W x H 166 x 150 x 420mm

Washing Cycle

5 to 10 minutes (Approx)


Basic unis